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*****Call to test ride our demo model! Bring your furry friend with you and see if this is the ride they've been dreaming of!*****


Meet our iconic electric cruiser and its trusty sidekick. With a retro frame, a powerful motor, and a versatile sidecar attachment, Easy offers a whole lot of muscle in complete MOD style.

Designed from the Past; Built for the Future

Inspired by World War II motorcycles, Easy captures history with its retro frame and iconic sidecar. Our goal was to craft a machine that would turn your commutes into inspiring moments.

Meet our iconic MOD Easy SideCar. Designed specifically for the MOD Easy, the sidecar offers a payload capacity of 120 lbs - so you can transport your extra cargo, little kids or even your furry friends. Strap on the goggles, cue the tunes and set off on your best adventure yet. The sidecar can be easily detached using 3 quick-release pins.

Unleash the Power

We partnered with industry leaders to develop an innovative system that is powerful, smart, and reliable. Easy delivers peak performance supporting speeds up to 28 MPH using a long-lasting geared-hub motor. The removable power pack is loaded with top of the line Samsung cells managed by an Advanced Digital Display.

Stable, Visible, Safe

Easy features responsive hydraulic disc brakes that offer maximum control, and wide multi-terrain tires to keep you stable on or off the road. LED head and tail lights keep you visible from all angles, so you can focus on all that matters: piloting this classic ride.

Adjust for Comfort

Easy was built ready to resize for your optimal comfort and riding position. You can adjust the seat post and handlebar to fit your height in seconds. You’ll have full-leg extension and a relaxed upright seating position. Easy is a great fit for anyone 5’1″ (157.5 cm) to 6’7″ (206 cm).

*Pick-up only

Pre-Order MOD Easy w/ Sidecar

Call to Pre-order and to test drive
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