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KAYAKS at Hooper's

A truly unique way to purchase kayaks

At Hooper’s Outdoor Center, we sell the best kayaks available in both quality and performance. We personally test out every model we carry, to ensure they meet or exceed our expectations. This enables our staff to share personal experiences and knowledge about each kayak with our customers, in order to help the customer pick the kayak that best suits their needs.

We have unique ways to help you find the perfect kayak! We host monthly kayak demo days from late spring through late summer.  If you are unable to find time for any of the above options, a Hooper's employee would be happy to schedule a time with you for a one-on-one demo.


The kayaks we sell at Hooper's come with warranties on the hull against manufacturing defects, and a one-year warranty on all parts from the manufacturer. If any warranty issues arise, you can deal directly with Hooper's, and we do all the warranty work.  Our kayaks are all one-piece rotational mold polyurethane models, not like those found in a big box store.  Other retailers may offer two-piece seam-welded models that can split at the seams after hard hits, thus destroying the kayak or models made with very thin hulls, potentially shortening the lifespan of the kayak.

So come to Hooper's for an America-made high-quality kayak that can last a lifetime!


"I love Hooper's! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I just bought my first kayak after coming in several times to ask questions and stare at the selection whilst trying to make up my mind. I did my research and decided to buy local for both service and price. When I finally bought it they helped us load it and get it tied down for the ride home. I am happy that I got just what I wanted. Thanks!"

-Karen G.

"Amazing place with extremely nice workers ☺️ Get all your camping, bike riding, skateboarding, kayaking gear here!"

-Emma S.

“They went out of their way to get the strap I needed for my kayak and find a specific cup holder for her kayak. Really like this place.”

-Fred C.

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